Your Weekly Irish Stout Podcast

So me first mate, Marc, tells me these podcasts are great way to indenture a few new fans of Captain Jack Black Murphy and Irish Stout. Well, we need some new sailors to swab the decks. So I says, says I, "Aye, me hearty, go ahead and release a new song from Irish Stout every week. Let's see what the land lubbers, tink about our music and if they'll buy our booty."

So now, every Tuesday, you can download a new song by Irish Stout. But if you like the music, pick up some booty, or support the fine art of pirating with a few quid.. Or we'll shiver your timbers!

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About the Podcast:

Drink up me hearties! Irish Pirate folk group Irish Stout presents a weekly podcast featuring Irish songs, seafaring music and pirate music from across the seven seas.


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